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Meet the Principal: Christopher Bromham

Dominating the agenda for the new Principal is the start of Uptown's International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme. "For these kids this is their only chance at schooling, right here, right now," says Bromham.

"[The challenge] is making sure that even though the diploma programme is new for the school, we hit the ground running and provide outstanding quality education from day one," he adds.

Bromham has taken responsibility for all aspects of Uptown — kindergarten, primary school and secondary school — a total of 1200 students on a campus site in Mirdiff, Dubai. The school, which is IB throughout, is at an interesting juncture as it looks to build on its strong primary school base and expand its secondary school programme.

"The primary school celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, but the secondary school has only been open for a few years, so there is a huge amount of potential," explains Bromham.

Bromham's experience establishing Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) will prove invaluable as Uptown builds its educational reputation. However, since DESC opened its doors, the education market is vastly more competitive, making the right marketing message vital.

"Dubai is one of the most competitive markets in the world for school, so the challenge is getting the right message out there without a hard sell on people," says Bromham. "[We have] to understand what the school is, what it is good at, and be able to get that message to parents so they can make informed decisions," he adds.