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How to stay up-to-date with Uptown School

How to use The Communicator?

The Delta 6 Communicator is the Uptown School app to keep you up to date during the Academic Year.
You can get this at or, for mobile users please go to the App Store/Google Play and search for “D6 communicator”
Along with diaries, The Communicator App is the source for information on general news at school, school-wide events and alerts. Use the communicator to keep your calendar up-to-date plus link for school news, school resources, parent association messages and letters from the principal and classroom teachers.
The key tabs are NEWS, RESOURCES and CALENDAR. You can even personalize this essential app to receive information for your child’s class and messages from your teacher.

your teacher.

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We have our own official Facebook page where we post details of the day to day lives of our students, where sporting and other achievements are celebrated and where we share useful information.
You do not need to have a facebook account to view our posts but if you
do have an account, and ‘like’ us, you can receive all the above information directly in your daily news feed.

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Follow @SchoolUptown if you have a Twitter account

Other communication:
Early Years
As an early years parent, your child’s teacher will also communicate with you regularly by email. Please feel free to connect with them via email.
Please also check their school bag for occasional letters from the Teacher or from the School Administration.

Student Diaries/Planners
Primary and Secondary students carry Planners/ Diaries for their day to day notices. Please check your child’s diary on a daily or weekly basis and sign it off as required.